BMW Motorrad France × PRAËM S 1000 RR Custom

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BMW Motorrad France has unveiled on April 29, 2016 the BMW S 1000 RR Custom Project, a bike entirely customized by PRAEM in tribute to the endurance races of the 80s.

This custom sportbike was designed to bridge the gap between the worlds of competition and customization. PRAEM modified the S 1000 RR’s appearance to give it a vintage racing look while retaining all of its performance capabilities. The bike’s weight has been reduced by 20 kg through the use of carbon fiber wheels, aluminum rear frame, and titanium screws. The new design features an asymmetrical headlight, an elongated aluminum fuel tank, a classic tail section with accessible battery, and carbon ceramic discs on Rotobox wheels. The project was carried out in collaboration with Derestricted and features a satin finish inspired by 70s and 80s racing cars, with colors reminiscent of Alexander Calder’s BMW Art Car.

This custom build is part of BMW Motorrad’s ongoing commitment to the world of customization, which has included collaborations with other custom builders and designers such as Krugger, OSE, Deus Ex Machina, Urban Motor, El Solitario, Blitz Motorcycles, Roland Sands, Bratstyle, 46Works, Hidemo, Cherrys Company, and Clutch Motorcycles.

BMW Motorrad France’s General Manager, Frédéric Stik, praised PRAEM’s work and called the bike “the perfect motorcycle” that he would have loved to own when he started riding. Sylvain Berneron of PRAEM said that the project allowed him and his team to explore a new direction in their creative process.