L’Art de L’Automobile x Porsche “968 L’ART”

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This is a Porsche 968 art car, specially redesigned by L’Art De L’Automobile, a Parisian car shop/fashion label that embodies the link between cars and fashion. The art car, which bears the name ‘968 L’ART’, symbolises the ambition of Arthur Kar, founder of L’Art De L’Automobile, to ‘bring art into the automotive world’.
The car made its debut during Paris Fashion Week and was part of an art installation in the Marais area of the French capital from 30 September to 3 October 2021.

The 968 L’ART was based on the Porsche 968, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, and the car’s everyday-use styling fits in well with the streetwear label’s concept. The design is based on the retro look of the early 1990s, updated with a modern flair, and lovingly crafted in a Parisian workshop over a year and a half down to the last detail.

The car’s key features are its roadsterised body, with the roof removed, and the green colour scheme developed especially for this project. In addition, the taillights in the rear section, inspired by the classic Porsche Speedster, are emblazoned with the letters ‘KAR’.

The interior features products specially designed by Porsche’s partners TAG Heuer, Recaro and Bose. Special features include a TAG Heuer stopwatch on the dashboard, Recaro bucket seats covered in custom-made ECCO Leather EL3 leather, innovative speaker placement and elegant grille design, and a Bose audio system integrated into the interior.

The love of Porsche unites many people around the globe and for us, too, it is still a special feeling when we can help someone like Arthur Kar make an extraordinary dream come true. I hope that the result of our collaboration will inspire many fans around the world.

Robert Ader, Vice President Marketing at Porsche AG

L’Art De L’Automobile – Sports cars meet fashion
Born in Beirut and raised in Paris, Arthur Kar spent much of his childhood in his father’s car workshop and from the age of 16 began working as a mechatronics technician at the Porsche Centre in France, where he developed a passion for the iconic Porsche sports car. To fulfil his dream of owning his own Porsche, Kar took the plunge and started his own business, selling his reconditioned vehicles to customers all over the world, finally enabling him to buy a Carrera GT at a young age. He then founded the fashion label L’Art De L’Automobile in 2017, combining his passion for athletic streetwear fashion with his passion for sports cars.