Aymeric x Brembo – Turning energy into inspiration

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This is a special event where global brake manufacturer Brembo brings its vision of ‘Turning Energy into Inspiration’ to life through digital art, offering a special experience inspired by the transformation of power and energy through a fusion of art, technology and design.

This special event featured a new work of art consisting of three digital artworks created especially for Brembo by Australian artist Aymeric, and visitors were presented with a limited-issue NFT. The event was an experience of Brembo’s passion for beauty and innovation, new inspiration, the future of mobility and digital art.​

The exhibition was held at the Italian Embassy in Tokyo on 21 October 2022 and at Brembo Japan’s headquarters in Mita, Tokyo, 23-25 October.

Turning energy into inspiration, Aymeric presents three endlessly looping digital artworks: like a play in three acts, these captivating objects propose a metaphysical journey in the field of creative energy and inspiration. Using dynamic, hybrid machines as a metaphor, the series questions the time-consuming, generative endeavour that underlies the artist’s creative process.

Inspired by Brembo’s corporate vision ‘Turning energy into inspiration’, Aymeric divided the three components of the text as if it were a physics formula. Each piece in the series, inspired by the creation of ‘something’ out of ‘nothing’, re-imagines the three elements of the motto – Energy, Conversion and Inspiration – and their abstract concepts are Life of Zed, Conversion of X, Y and Z and Birth of III, It is embodied as an ever-evolving high-tech object in which the organic and the inorganic coexist.

These works are intricate digital sculptures, composed of parts of cars, computer hardware and elements of nature arranged in a haphazard manner, embodying themes of harmony, stability and balance. Influenced by contemporary art sculptural works, digital art and artificial intelligence, these works gradually transform into dynamistic machines, eventually leading to his vision of inspiration – an evolving abstract concept that can blossom from any environment.

These works are installed within a Brutalist-style museum environment inspired by the real spaces created by Tadao Ando, providing a complementary minimalist backdrop to explore notions of form and light.

『Life of Zed』

『The Conversion of X, Y, and Z』

『The Birth of III』

Aymeric x Brembo
Turning energy into inspiration

Aymeric x Brembo: Turning energy into inspiration - Aymeric De Meautis
Aymeric x Brembo: Turning Energy into Inspiration