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This modified RVF is based on a 2000 RVF NC35, customised in a modern, simple and stylish racer style.
The exterior is fitted with an all-black painted fairing by TYGA Performance and the tail section has been replaced with a simple, retro-looking single seat cowl.
A rear wheel from Marchesini wheels is fitted and the tyres have been increased by two sizes from 150 to 170. The exhaust is fitted with a titanium exhaust pipe and short muffler.
Other modern customisation includes an ACEWELL digital speedometer, front and rear small smoked blinkers, LED headlights, fenderless, bar ends and mirrors.

Owner & Photos : Yuta Susumu (@ssmyuta)

The Honda RVF (NC35), named after the Honda Racing (HRC) race-only factory machine, is a supersport motorbike (racer replica) with a V-4 engine, launched in 1994 as the successor to the VFR400R (NC30). It was the last Honda motorbike under 400 cc to be equipped with a V4 engine.

It was equipped with a compact 399 cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke DOHC 90° V-4 engine with Honda’s unique cam gear train mechanism. It also features a VP-type carburettor that contributes to a straighter air intake system and delivers a responsive ride that responds agilely to subtle accelerator operation.

The frame features a newly designed aluminium twin-tube diamond-type frame that combines high rigidity with a moderate degree of leanness, and achieves even better manoeuvrability and turning performance by reviewing the rigidity balance and concentrating the mass. A highly rigid inverted fork is used at the front, while a highly rigid and easy-to-maintain single swingarm (pro-arm) is used at the rear, contributing to a lightweight and sporty ride.