TOYOTA CROWN 4th Generation “KUJIRA”

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The fourth generation Toyota Crown, known as the ‘Whale Crown’. The nickname came from its unique rounded shape, known as the spindle shape, which resembles a whale.

Body style4-door sedan
5-door station wagon/van
2-door hardtop
LayoutFront-engine, rear-wheel-drive
Engine1994 cc 5R I4 (RS60/66V)
1988 cc M I6 (MS60/62/66V/70)
2253 cc 2M I6 (MS64/67V)
2563 cc 4M I6 (MS65/68V/75)
Transmission3/4/5-speed manual
3-speed automatic
Wheelbase2,690 mm
Length4,680 mm
Width1,690 mm
Height1,420 mm
Curb weight1,290–1,360 kg